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How to:

  • prevent inheritance conflicts and family bickering when parents die and children divide the “family money”?
  • protect your child’s inheritance from his or herdivorces, creditors and addictions so it will be around for your grandchild?
  • divide your real estate and your personal possessions WITHOUT DIVIDING YOUR FAMILY!?
  • compel your children to share their inheritance — even if they couldn’t share their toys.?
  • protect your surviving spouse’s ownership and control of the family money EVEN FROM YOUR OWN CHILDREN!
  • leave more of what you own to your children andgrandchildren — and less to the I.R.S?
  • prevent a charity from using your donation to buy Cadillacs or Premiums for its executives?
  • keep your children and property from going through probate, sometimes called “The Lawyer’s Retirement Fund”?

Previous Speaking Engagements

Financial Planning Association
Smith Barney (Sarasota, FL)
University of California, Berkley Extension
Western States Planned Giving Conference
Doheny Eye Institute
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
B’nai Brith Women
Founders for Diabetic Research
Felicia Mahood Senior Center
Santa Monica Hospital Foundation
Optimist Club of Encino
UCLA Retirement Expo
Los Angeles Daily Journal
Building Industry Association (Los Angeles chapter)
Time of Your Life Exposition
National Society of Fund Raising Executives

(Los Angeles, Ventura chapters)
Coldwell Banker Realty (Brentwood)
Charles Schwab (Westwood)
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (Los Angeles)
Mitusi Manufacturers Bank (Beverly Hills)
Sun Financial Life Insurance Company
Palm Springs Retirement Investments
State Farm Insurance Company (Los Angeles)
Pacific Trust and Financial (San Fernando Valley)
The Sequel Club (T.R.W.)