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The firm was originally established in 1960 as a partnership between Gerald M. Condon and his brother, F. Milton Condon, both of whom have recently retired. The firm has a recognized reputation in the field of real estate and estate planning, and over the years, its members have lectured extensively on real estate and estate planning matters at colleges, and at many forums sponsored by banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, accounting firms and charities.


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    Jeffrey Lynn CondonCo-Founder of Condon and Condon Law Firm

    Jeffrey Lynn Condon

    Co-Founder of Condon and Condon Law Firm

    Jeffrey L. Condon is an attorney who has practiced in the field of trusts and estates since 1987.

    With his late father, Gerald M. Condon, Jeffrey is the co-author of Beyond The Grave: The Right Way and Wrong Way of Leaving Money to Your Children (and Others). Published in 1996 and revised in 2001, the Wall Street Journal has called Jeffrey’s first book “the best estate planning book in America.”

    In 2008, Jeffrey authored The Living Trust Advisor: Everything You Need to Know About Your Living Trust (John Wiley & Sons).

    Jeffrey has conducted over 300 talks and seminars on the living trust and family inheritance planning throughout the United States for numerous financial institutions, insurance companies, charities, civic groups, service clubs, real estate companies, trust companies, and conventions.

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    About Condon & Condon Law Office

    Attorney Jeffrey Condon talks about the history of the company and the legacy of his beloved father.

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    What is a good Inheritance Plan?

    The Right Way and the Wrong Way of Leaving Money to Your Children (& Others)

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    • Testimonial
      The Wall Street Journal on , "Beyond the Grave"

      "The best estate planning book in America."

    • Testimonial
      Los Angeles Times on, "Beyond the Grave"

      "[Beyond the Grave] aims to show how proper estate planning leaves your family secure -- not at war..."

    • Testimonial
      The NYT about , "Beyond the Grave"

      The magazine the New York Times calls Beyond the Grave "an Acquisitions Bible for public and school librarians nationwide," is the review journal of the American Library Association.



    There are several reasons why Trusts are “attacked”. Here are a few of them:
    1. A person who feels that he/she should not have been “cut out” claims that the Settlor (the person setting up the Trust) did not have the requisite “testamentary capacity” to make that “cutting out decision”.
    2. A person who is “cut out” because the Settlor left all or most of the inheritance to someone else feels that the “someone else” unduly influenced the Settlor into making that decision.
    3. A person who does not like certain decisions made by the Settlor’s “After-Death Agent” (the Successor Trustee) claims that the Agent is going against the terms and instructions of the Trust.


    A Will is not “automatic”. Just because you’ve been mentioned as a beneficiary of a Will does not mean you can grab the inheritance and go home. The Will has to be “probated”…and this is one of the services we perform.


    1. File the Will with the Court.
    2. Complete the “application” to have the Will authenticated.
    3. Complete the “application” to have the person in the Will appointed by the court as the Executor.
    4. Send notice to any creditors of the deceased person who signed the Will and deal with any Creditors’ Claims that are filed.
    5. Prepare the “application” to have the Probate Judge sign the Order which transfers the estate from the deceased person to the live beneficiaries named in the Will.
    6. Deal with any “attacks” made on the Will by persons who are unhappy with the Will’s contents.

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