How to:

  • prevent inheritance conflicts and family bickering when parents die and children divide the “family money”?
  • protect your child’s inheritance from his or herdivorces, creditors and addictions so it will be around for your grandchild?
  • divide your real estate and your personal possessions WITHOUT DIVIDING YOUR FAMILY!?
  • compel your children to share their inheritance — even if they couldn’t share their toys.?
  • protect your surviving spouse’s ownership and control of the family money EVEN FROM YOUR OWN CHILDREN!
  • leave more of what you own to your children andgrandchildren — and less to the I.R.S?
  • prevent a charity from using your donation to buy Cadillacs or Premiums for its executives?
  • keep your children and property from going through probate, sometimes called “The Lawyer’s Retirement Fund”?