Free inheritance tips by Jeff Condon

Inheritance Attorney and author  Jeffrey L. Condon Esq. recently published a free PDF formatted e-book which describes 25 different situations where a bad inheritance plan can undermine family harmony and wellbeing. Examples were all taken from real life case studies. The solutions suggested by Mr. Condon provide invaluable solutions to prevent family conflicts and financial risks that children may “inherit” when their parents die and the “family money” is divided.

“25 Inheritance Tips” follows the October 2014 release of the third revised edition of Mr. Condon’s “Beyond the Grave”. First published in 1995, and revised over the years as laws have changed, “Beyond the Grave” has become the best-selling inheritance planning book in American publishing history, and the Wall Street Journal has called “Beyond the Grave” the best estate planning book in America.

Asked about one common example of an Inheritance plan gone wrong, Mr. Condon said, “If you have more than one child, the fastest way to create conflict between them after your death is to appoint only one of them as the “Inheritance Plan Boss”. Not only does the “Inheritance Boss” child have a lot of power over your other children in the Inheritance Arena. but your other children may think that you did not love and trust them as much…and not smart enough for the job. The solution to preserve family peace is to name all your children as the Co-Inheritance Bosses…unless you have a really good reason why one should not be appointed, such as addiction, incompetency or family estrangement”.

The published tips open a window of solution for families to prevent inheritance problems and conflicts that can destroy families. A good inheritance plan is the first line of defense preventing the transferring inheritance process from deteriorating relationships between surviving members.

Download “25 Inheritance Tips”

Over 100 newspaper and magazine articles discussing inheritance planning have cited Mr. Condon as a reliable source, including New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Time, Kiplinger’s and Business Week. He has been quoted in periodicals ranging from Fortune to DogWorld.
Since the first edition of Beyond the Grave, Mr. Condon has discussed various inheritance planning issues on Over 70 radio call-in shows throughout the United States, and numerous television programs including “Primetime News” (CNN), “The Money Club” (C-NBC), “The 700 Club” (CBN), “One on One with John McLaughlin” (NBC) and “The Dr. Laura Show” (CBS) have invited him or mentioned his work while discussing inheritance planning issues.
Around 300 live talks and seminars regarding living trusts and family inheritance planning throughout the United States have been conducted by Mr. Condon. The hosts have been diverse, ranging from financial institutions, insurance companies, charities, civic groups, service clubs, real estate companies, trust companies, to conventions.
Jeffrey L. Condon, Esq. has been practicing in trust, estate, and probate law since 1987 at the Law Offices of Condon & Condon in Santa Monica, California.